BLR Solar Grid

BLR’s Low Carbon Microgrid is complete

Pairing climate action with community resilience, the Tribe’s low-carbon, community-scale microgrid is installed and achieving its aggressive goals.

Built by an extraordinary public/private partnership: California Energy Commission and its EPIC program, the Schatz Energy Research Center and Humboldt State University, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Idaho National Laboratory, Siemens, Tesla, REC Solar, McKeever Energy, Colburn Electric, Kernen Construction, and the American Red Cross, among many others, all backed by the vision and investment of the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Government.

The results? Energy cost savings of $200,000+ per year, 10% increase in employment with clean energy jobs, dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions, improved emergency preparedness, and follow-on projects that build on this success.



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