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"This administration intends to restore tribal governments to their rightful place among governments of this nation, and to enable tribal governments, along with State and local governments, to resume control over their own affairs."
President Ronald Reagan, 1983

Governmental Structure
Government to Government
Elected Officials
Tribal Court
Tribal Regulatory Agencies
Gaming Commission  
Environmental Programs
Cultural Affairs
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Government Service Overview

A Native American Tribal Government functions similarly to the U.S. Government in both range of services and unwavering obligations to its citizens.

  • Elected Government Leadership
  • Law | Judiciary Process | Enforcement
  • Treasury | Financial Controls
  • Housing | Land Use | Development
  • Public Utilities | Power | Water | Sewer
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Retirement and Pension Administration
  • Social Services
  • Environmental Protection
  • Culture and Art
  • Public Safety Services

Governmental Structure

The governmental structure of the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe is a true representative Democracy.  

  • All resident members of the Rancheria, age 18 or older, comprise the General Council, which serves as the governing body of the Tribe.  All members of the General Council are eligible to vote. The majority vote carries each decision, and votes count on a one-to-one basis.
  • The General Council elects the Tribal Council, through general elections which occur every two years.
  • The five members of the Business Council are elected by the General Council for two-year terms.  Their actions are subject to review by the General Council.
  • The Blue Lake Rancheria is a Federally-recognized Native American Tribe. 
  • Tribal Council Members partner with a wide variety of organizations as board members, advisors, committee members, delegates, and proactive planning consultants.




Government to Government Relationships 

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe works closely with other governments on mutually progressive planning, projects and administration.  Bilateral governmental initiatives have been successfully undertaken with dozens of tribal governments, the U.S. Government, the State of California, Humboldt County, the City of Blue Lake, the City of Eureka, the City of Arcata, and many other federal, state, local and municipal governmental organizations.  For more information on how Tribes are working together and with other governments, please visit the following websites:  U.S. Government to Government Portal  and  National Congress of American Indians